Boys will be boys…


Too often we want to just punish people for their behavior and wash our hands of them. If we want our youth to turn into better human beings, then we have to remember that showing and teaching appropriate behavior is just as vital as the consequences of their bad behavior.

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they must be taught to be men….

The media thrives on unpleasantries, which isn’t necessarily bad. After all, bandage makers thrive on injuries, but just as there are good bandages and there are cheap knockoffs that aren’t worth a toot, there’s good journalism and tabloid garbage. When a story is “reported” instead of just mined for the dirt, I’ll read it.

Today, I ran across a news item regarding seven teenage football players who are in serious trouble because of allegations of hazing and significant sexual assault and other charges that have been occurring within their team culture. Their school cancelled the football season, and it has not yet been determined which, if any, of the young men will be released to the custody of their families and which will remain incarcerated for the time being.

It would seem that anyone who has been at least moderately socialized would find…

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