Hello Adele

Hello Adele,
I am so looking forward to your show here in DC on Monday. My mom was lucky enough to grab us some tickets right when they went on sale.
This past year we have been counting the months and days until we could finally see you live. This past year has put my family through hell, and this was a shining light to grasp onto and look forward to as we made our through to the other side.
This past Monday my mom was admitted to the hospital and today our fears were confirmed; she has mass in her lung, and we have to now plan for cancer treatment for her.
She still wants me to attend your show and take a friend instead. This is so hard. My mom has been a rock for me my whole life, and especially this last year. And it doesn’t feel right at all to come
see you without her. But I will be there, for both of us.
I would like to ask a tiny favor. Her favorite song off your new album is “Million Years Ago”; you are signing her life in this song. If there is any way you could dedicate it to her, or give her a shout out before you sing it, it would put her there with me in a tiny way. Her name is Lea (pronounced just how you say it in “River Lea” which NO ONE does) Campbell.
Staci Blanchard

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