Nice to Know the Kid is Listening

I try REALLY hard not to use the word “hate” when expressing my distaste for something (I “hate” cleaning, I “hate” humidity, l “hate” traffic). I have long felt it is the worst emotion you can feel for anything or anyone; I equate it with wishing something or someone never existed. And I believe it is the most overused word in any language. 
I don’t always succeed in NOT using it, but I continue to try and use different words to describe how much I dislike something. Becoming a parent has made me much more aware of the word, as I try to teach him not to use it, and to think about the words coming out of his mouth. 

He is watching one of his favorite YouTube gamers, and the guy is playing some game and rattling on about something in the game. I hear the guy mention he doesn’t like some item or character in the game, and in his commentary mentions the word hate and how he doesn’t like using it because it is “such a strong word.”

My kid was paying attention: “MOM! You think hate is a strong word too!!” With a smile in his voice. 



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