Trains, cars, action figures, and a roll of drawing paper

I’m primarily writting this so that I don’t forget any of it, but I also thought someone else or two might find my tale as amusing as I do.  Yesterday Bdawg and I had the day off together and took advantage and got things done we had had to put off for whatever reason.  One of the things I was able to acomplish was the purchasing of a toy storage unit for the breeding ground of trains, cars, and action figures that has developed in the playroom of our house.  (We have a split level house and this room was meant as a “family room” but works better for us as a toy development center.)  I got a nice one at Ikia (looooove that store).  Its frame is made of nice sturdy wood and it has three sections with groves to slide in 3 sizes of plastic storage tubs.  I brought it home and Bdawg put it together while I proceeded with the task of organizing the toys.  It all looked so nice a pretty and put together when we were done.  We also got him one of those rugs that has pictures of roads and construction vehicles on it (lots of good deals for this nonshopper yesterday).  It was about 10:30 when I finished and looked around picturing him coming in the room in the morning and seeing the new stuff.  I knew the prettiness wouldn’t last, so I enjoyed it while it still exsisted. . .

Bdawg went to bed a little while later and I headed to the porch to relax for a time. 

 01:45 B comes out to the porch because I had forgotten to turn the monitor on (I can’t hear Buzzsaw from the porch to get him so B doesn’t have to).  He was informing me that our child had gotten up and come downstairs, turned on the light in the playroom, and proceeded to dump out the six bins of trains, cars, action figures, and three different train track systems into one enormous pile on the new rug with roads and construction vehicles on it. 

02:15 I finish picking up all of the toys and undo all of Buzzsaw’s UNDOING of my previous work.

02:30 little feet carrying blanket, frog pillow, monkeybear, and toy car arrive at my bedroom door. 

03:30 little feet AGAIN arrive at my bedroom door with afore mentioned sleeping accoutrements.

08:30 I awaken after 5 blissful hours of sleep to the thumping sound of my laptop hitting the floor.

         Time out given, breakfast made, coffee brewed, cats feed and tripped over, blah, blah, blah. . .

approx 09:00 (all times from this point are a blur and at best a half-assed attempt to keep the timeline thing going).

               Multiple piles of toys on the floor with strays strewn, more than likely thrown, across the length of the room

The next hour or so was filled with me showing Buzz how to seperate the toys into the different bins.  This was done in quick 10 second bursts of explaining, comprehending, doing, annnnnd off to other things.


Around 11:00 I FINALLY get to pull out the $15 easel I got at, you guessed it, Ikia.  Its just what I have been looking for for half the price I have seen other places.  It even has a place in the middle to attach a role of drawing paper(more on this shortly)  and little slits to guide the paper through and over the chalkboard side to keep it all together!  So I pulled out an old easter print vinyl table cloth for a dropcloth and we had paint time.  I did more painting than him, but it was fun.  Until he found the crack(*disclaimer, ya’ll know I’m being sarcastic here) he had hidden in his diaper, spazed out for whatever got him excited in that particular moment and a remote control went flying from his hands and bounced off the tv screen.  To the corner for you buddy.

Painting cleaned up, lunch made and ate, and the beginning of the daily attempts at “quiet time”.  I give up on naps, I just want him to chill in his room long enough for me to get enough equalibrium back so that I can get ready for work. 

Right on schedule, about 15 min into “quiet time” begins the running up and down the hall to let me know he pooped.  He won’t tell me, he just goofs around until I come in there.

30-45 mins later as I am getting ready I hear “Mommy, mommy look.”  I see him doing his best croch grabbing Michael Jackson impression.  ” You need a change ?” “Yes I need diaper change”  “okay go back in there, , ,”

We head back to his room and as I turn from his closet with a diaper I see him laying on his bed with the dirty one already off.

I explain to him that this is now ridiculous and that if he can come get me and take his own diaper off then he can go use the toilet. . .”Okay” from Buzzsaw. . .

I go to work and have a superbly stupid night.  Stupid on my part, as I previously posted on my status *(this all was shared on FB), I left my brain in the bathroom on the counter next to my brush.But I made good money so I guess I’m good at stupid? ysheesh 

I come home around 11:00 pm and Bdawg gets to tell me about how he came home to find the above mentioned roll of drawing paper off of the easel and trailing from the playroom, through the front hall area, up the stairs and down the upper hallway ending in Buzz Sawyer’s room.

After rerolling (sorta) the drawing paper and getting it back into one room, Bdawg and Buzzsaw picked up a huge pile of toys and learned how to sort them into different bins. . .


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