Title this : Quit while you are ahead.

So we get back to the Army base for the wedding reception for our friends and, of course, it is taking me longer to get myself together than it does my husband. He comes around to my side of our vehicle and OPENS MY DOOR. I say,”Awww. You opened the door for me!”. I get back to getting my things together, in an even better mood because , I THINK, my husband is all influenced by the romance of the day and opens the car-door for me like he hasn’t done in 10 yrs. He is chuckling to himself, and decides it is funny enough to share with me the following clarification of reality: he was opening
the door NOT to be a romantic gentleman; he was opening the door to TELL me something!
Why would you do that?!!! Why not earn the free brownie points? Sometimes men don’t know when to quit while they are ahead.


About goddessofglitter

I like to laugh
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