And this is why men should get married

The hubby and I have finally been able to take esome time off and make a trek north to visit my dad and stepmum. We both tend to procrastinate trip preparations and as usual, we finished our packing this a.m. As I am folding items into a suitcase hubby enters the room:
Hubster: have you seen the pump for the air mattress?

Me: Isn’t it in the garage?

Hubster: No. I couldn’t find it.

Me: Well, that’s the last place I remember seeing it. Let me think.

Silence as I continue to pack clothes and think where else the air pump could be. . .

Hubster: Well?

Me: I’m thinking

Hubster: oh

He then heads back downstairs as I finish packing. Five minutes go by before I remember that I was supposed to be trying to think of where the pump might be. . . I head to the garage to see how it goes. . .

Me: Did you find it?

Hubster: Nooo. But I did find the old air mattress.

this is where I think to myself, that doesn’t help since that mattress has a leak but, whatever.

The hubster is directly in front of the shelving unit in our garage that we put “stuff” on such as camping gear. I don’t move except to direct the gaze of my eyeballs down a shelf from the one the hubster is currently fooling with. . .

Me: isn’t that the box for the air pump?

The hubster tilts his head down and pulls the box from the shelf.
He hands it to me with his middle finger up as I do a REALLY poor job of smothering the smartass smirk on my face.


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One Response to And this is why men should get married

  1. gojulesgo says:

    LOL! Yeah. That sounds about right. …And THEY’RE supposed to be the ones who are good with directions? Not in my house!

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