“You okay. You want Nubby?”

The never ending debate.
To pacifier or not to pacifier.
As a new parent you get all sorts of opinions, advice, theories, etc. We all know that. Some are more stressful and more exhausting than others. For me, one of those is the pacifier. Sooooo many opinions about THAT one! I’m over-analytical by nature, so I have spent the last three years stressing over the pacifier, aka “the nubby”, as it is called in our house. ( mommy wanted a unique word for it). Until recently.
I had sort of epiphany or break-through on the whole issue a few weeks ago. How long do you let your kid use a pacifier is a question that I couldn’t let go of easily. So many people think the early the better. And I admit, I think it’s odd when a family comes into my restaurant with a child over the age of 4, walking around with a pacifier. I have made the nubby a nap and nighttime item. Sometimes he wants to hang on to it longer during the mornings, but for the most part he is accepting of handing it over when I ask for it. The nubby, along with “monkey bear” his best friend, soothes him like nothing else. He rubs the tail of the monkey under his nose, or through his fingers. It’s adorable.
So, my moment of enlightenment. . .
When a baby is born there is so much instantaneous over stimulation of ALL of it’s senses; and one of the first things that is done is something is put in it’s mouth that provides nourishment and comfort. This baby immediately learns that comfort and soothing come from having something in it’s mouth and suckeling it. And for some reason that is the first thing everyone wants is to take it away.
It started me thinking about smoking and over-eating, and why it is so hard for so many people to work through these addictions. I could be completely off my lily pad here, but maybe if I don’t force him to grow out of the nubby and instead guide him into seeing that it is just one of those things that he grows out of, like diapers and sippy cups, maybe he won’t have such a strong inclination to inhale the local McDonalds, or smoke up the state of Kentucky while chugging down Tennessee.


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