I love Halloween. I enjoy any excuse to let my inner-child run loose and wreak havoc. I’m not a guts and gore kinda girl, but I do like a little bit of spooky and majical. Every day life can be overwhelming and under exciting much of the time and it’s a nice escape to delve into the supernatural and other worldly for a night. This year, not even bronchitis was going to stop me from embellishing my front yard with my spooktacular spirit!

few shots of my “blank canvas” or the plain before the glow. . .

I have always wanted a yard that I could decorate for the holidays. It has taken a few years of living here to get myself going and figure out how to be a homeowner and do yard work and decorating and such. As well as getting the finances where we had the extra to play with in lawn and gardening kinds of things. But this year things fell into place, and I am quite proud at my first real attempt at a bona fide Halloween themed yard. . .

A grave yard with my very own blinking buzzard! No bones about it, I’m proud of the results. Did I mention I’m a fan of the corny? Forgive me the indulgence on this day of celebrating the fun of childish indulgence. It’s only once a year after all. . . except for Christmas . . . but that’s another day.


I had soooo much fun putting things together. I bought some stuff and also utilized whatever I could from around the house to make something unique and original. It was very exciting to see the vision in my head come to life, so to speak, in my yard.

We didn’t get tons of trick-or-tr eaters in our area of the neighborhood. Not a lot of people really decorated for that matter. There were a few scattered attempts here and there, but mostly I was it on our street. I’m not bothered a bit; I did this for me, and for my son. I believe one key to true happiness is the ability to not only acknowledge your inner child, but to also be willing to let that child brrrreeeeeaaaaaattttthhhhhh .. . . .aaaaahhhhhh.

I hope everyone had a very safe and very, very Happy Halloween!!!


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3 Responses to Halloween

  1. gojulesgo says:

    Aw shucks! I could only see the last picture with the cloud-shaped border??

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