“The Tale of Twinkle n Bdawg”

I thought it was a good time to tell a little more “gossip” about the goddessofglitter. I’ve been told more than a few times that my “How I met your mother father” story is pretty cool. I have to admit that I agree. I am very blessed with my husband. And I am even more blessed with my best friend; she is the one who set us up. . .

“The Tale of Twinkle n Bdawg”

“Let’s go out dancing tonight.”
“Yeah, I need it. Girls night out.”
“I’m in! I just got home from work. Let me change and freshen up and then I’m heading your way!”
“Can’t wait! And you will never believe who is sitting in my living room.”
“Do you remember Bdawg? From school? “
“Oh yeah! Sure, I remember him, vaguely. Ha! We sat next to each other in junior high band! He never said much. Just sat there glaring at me and Jelly Bean while we chatted and carried on in class. I forgot that you knew him. We didn’t really hang with his crowd in school, did we?”
“No. Morty and I didn’t start hanging out with him until we all worked together at Petunia’s Pizzaria, after you left on your global glittering campaign.”
“Well it will be really cool to see him again. What’s he doing now anyway?”
“He’s in the Coast Guard. He is home on leave and stopped in to say hello. We can talk when you get here! Hurry up!”
Twinkle got herself together for a night out and headed towards Pebbles house. It had been months since Twinkle and Pebbles had been out and played like they did when they were girls. Morty and the kids were Pebbles’ life now, and that left few opportunities for girls night out. They were going to have a blast! Twinkle was on the doorstep of Pebbles house a short time later, preparing to knock on what apparently was her door of destiny, when she heard the strum of a guitar from the other side of the door. {interesting}, Twinkle thought to herself, {whoooo plays the guitar?}.
He grew up nice!, was the first thought that popped in her head when the door opened and she layed eyes on Bdawg for the first time in more than ten years. A familiar face but filled out now, not so lanky looking. A lot less hair under the ball cap, but look at those arms and shoulders! Yes, he definitely turned out nice! Twinkle really enjoyed catching up with him while she waited for Pebbles and Morty to complete their dance of delays that always happened when girls night out was about to begin. She found herself disappointed that Bdawg lived elsewhere, he might have been nice to go out with, or something.
A year goes by and Twinkle has come to the realization that her life is nowhere near what it was supposed to be, and she is completely miserable. Her only relationship in the last year was with a guy she didn’t really like, but she was tired of being a third wheel all of the time. She was tired of being the single friend on all of the holidays and at all of the parties. So she dated Moron Tablehead long enough to realize that being alone on New Years Eve actually was preferable to sucking face with someone that made her want to punch bunny rabbits.
It took about six months for Twinkle to crawl out of the dark pit of despair that she had been hiding in, and realize that she needed to make some changes if she ever wanted to be happy with her life. It was time to move on and try something new. Candyland was no longer home, just the place where she grew up. No more worrying about finding a husband so that she wouldn’t die alone and unloved. No more trying to fulfill her need to be a mother with vicarious parenting of her goddess-children. That never really worked anyway and only frustrated Twinkle to no end.
With her decision made, Twinkle confides in a coworker that she has given herself a year to get her act together and then she is moving to Easter Island. She has family there and it is as good a place as any to start over. . .again!
Two weeks later she gets a call from her best friend:
“Hey Pebbles, what’s up?”
“ Hey Twink. I was thinking. . .”
“Uh oh”
“Ha ha. Anywaaaaay. I know you have been down lately and I thought you deserved to be treated nice for a night.”
“Awww. You’re sweet. “
“Well. . . Bdawg is in town and came by to say hi. And I thought that it would be cool if you two went out. You deserve to be treated special for once. And he’s a great guy and he’s only here for a short visit. No strings, no expectations, you can just enjoy a night out with no pressure. What do you say?”
“Sure. Why not. He seems to have turned out decent enough. . .”
“And if he’s not, you never have to see him again.”
Twinkle did leave Candyland a year later. Just like she said she would. Except she didn’t move to Easter Island to live with family. Pebbles and Morty packed all of her worldly trinkets in the back of their sled and toted Twinkle and her cat to Margaritaville; where she lived with Bdawg until their wedding four years later. . .
Fairy tales really do come true and happy endings really do happen.


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