The Penn State Child Sex Abuse Scandal

Penn State Sex Abuse Scandal:

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I am flabbergasted from reading the details of this
story. A well known and well loved coach and pillar of the community was raping little boys for decades. People knew about it and did nothing. I am disgusted at the lows of humanity. At the apparent inability to empathize or sympathize with other people; the quest for self-preservation to the point of destruction of another person’s very soul, I fear, has become a social norm. I’m not speaking of Jerry Sandusky right now. If these allegations are true then my disgust with him and his depravity should be a given on this topic. Right now I am referring to the other men in this story and their depraved indifference to the destruction of the bodies and souls of the little boys Mr. Sandusky raped. Yes I said raped. Call it involuntary deviate sexual intercourse, or unlawful contact, endangerment, or even molestation . . . all of those terms sum up the definition of rape.
Male or female, adult or child, anyone who is the involuntary recipient
of any form of sexual contact has been raped. And what I want to know is how anyone could witness a child being raped and then walk away???!!!??? How could anyone hear that a child has been raped and then forget about it???!!!??? How could a friggin football
team have more value than the soul of a little boy?

Mike McQueary,

Mike McQueary coaching from the sideline

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I want to know how this man sleeps at
night. Does he himself have children? If so, are/have his children been involved in activities that put them under the supervision of other adults? Does he ever wonder if that could have been one his kids that was raped and no one did anything to stop it? Does he hear in his head, the ghost sounds of that “rhythmic slapping” while memory “photos”
flash through his mind of that little boy being brutally violated by his
revered and saintly football coach. I hope whatever success he has had in his life over the last 10 years was worth the choice of inaction in a pivotal point in so many lives.


choices are sometimes one-way doors . . . Image by katietower via Flickr

Yes, he notified Joe
Paterno of what he saw, and he was apparently “distraught” as he reported what he witnessed; but I do not understand how he walked away in the first place, when the rape was in progress and actively occurring before his eyes! Would he have kept on driving if he witnessed
a car accident, would he just stand there and watch if he saw someone stealing something in a store and run for the door? Is he a potential hit-and-run driver?

Maybe this seems like an awful lot of anger for someone who
didn’t commit the atrocities; but this McQueary fella had on opportunity to
stop a monster and he didn’t stop him. Ever act of violation that was experienced by any of Jerry Sandusky’s victims after that 2002 shower rape could have been prevented if McQueary had done something, anything different; Shouted, yelled, bumped a can, or coughed loudly, anything. Instead, his instinct told him to leave, quietly. His instinct put his concerns for himself and how his actions could affect him and his status before the welfare of a little boy. In an instant his “fight or flight” response kicked in and showed who he was, in his very core and in his very soul. Where was his moral outrage at the inactions of the university system and the lack of reports to law enforcement? How could he
continue to work for an organization that turned a blind eye to such a horrific crime? I seem to have all of the same questions that many people have asked of those working for the Catholic Church, worldwide. It is all eerily reminiscent of the scandals within the Catholic Church and the cover-up of abuse by priests. Again I wonder if the success he has enjoyed over the last 10 years has been worth knowing he could have stopped a monster from sexually violating numerous little boys.

Jerry Paterno, Gary Schultz, and Graham Spanier are all
culpable in the decades of abuse that was endured by the victims of Jerry
Sandusky. They put a football team and the reputation of a school above the safety of the children in the community. How sick are they for
allowing Sandusky to continue to work with at-risk youths ooonnn school
property!!!! How can they justify turning their heads away and lying about the raping of children???!!! Are these men just mere examples of a greater apathy and self-absorption of society as a whole? As I mentioned earlier, this is all eerily similar to the scandal within the Catholic Church, but this apathy is found everywhere. The child left for dead on a
Chinese street, the beating to death of strangers on subway platforms, and the fear of being labeled a snitch in so many inner city communities are disgusting traits of way to many parts of society.
We see this in the bullying epidemics in the schools and “trolling”* on
social networks. *from what I understand, this is where people
stalk perfect strangers as well as those known to them and harass them. I read of a family whose daughter was killed in a horrific car accident and pictures of the scene made it online. Her family received disturbing emails from people mocking her death; and false memorial sites are set up for people for the sole purpose of mocking the victim.

Is this the kind of society that we have become? Do we really want to live in a world where monsters are enabled in their pursuit of children? Do there really need to be laws enacted and policies put in place ordering us to have a moral compass and demanding that we do the right thing and fight for those who are unable to defend themselves? Sometimes it seems that empathy and compassion have been bred out of us in the quest for monetary or material success. The sense of not rocking the boat and being compliant with the status quo has skewed society’s sense
of right and wrong. Our fascination with “being the best, the richest, the most famous” has damaged our ability to communicate and connect with each other in such a way that the pain of one person is felt by everyone. The pain that we all felt on 9/11/01; the universal connection that was established in the shock and grief of those attacks on our fellow citizens, whether we personally lost anyone or not, we all connected that day. Why does it always take such tragedy to bring about such a coming together? Why couldn’t these “men” of Penn State have connected with those little boys as one human being to another human being, and stood up for them and fought for them until Sandusky was stopped?


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7 Responses to The Penn State Child Sex Abuse Scandal

  1. Dounia says:

    You voiced the exact same thoughts I was just saying this morning in a discussion with my husband about this scandal. The people who stood by and let it happen are as much at fault as Sandusky, because they could have stopped it. I really wonder what happened to humanity and simple human compassion sometimes…

    • I just cant let this story go. And Mike McQueary. I don’t understand why he hasn’t been charged. He is the one that actually witnessed something and failed to call the police.If Paterno, Curley, and Schultz have all been fired and/or charged for their inactions, then I do not understand why there is any question as to the future of Mr. McQueary. I am not an “out for blood” or vengeful type of person, but I do believe in justice and in consequences and responsibility for your actions; and McQueary, in my opinion, in the one person out of all of these men that actually could have made a difference. I was talking with a coworker last night about this story. I told him that I could wrap my head around the inactions of the coach and administrators and their covering up of things. It’s deplorable and I think they are greedy, vile men; but I can wrap my head around the self-preservation and the desire to “just make it go away, quietly”. But I can not wrap my head around actually seeing, with my own two EYES, the brutal violation of a little boy and walking away. I can’t imagine not yelling “HEY”, or coughing or “accidentally” knocking over a trashcan or, or, something !! I really don’t know how this man sleeps at night. I really don’t.

      Thanks for the reply!

  2. Dounia says:

    That’s exactly what went through my mind. How could you actually see that and not do something, anything (!), to stop it? And I know exactly what you mean about not being an ‘out for blood’ or vengeful kind of person, and that’s not what this is about – It’s about the people who let it happen being held responsible, and somehow they seem to be forgetting that McQueary was the only adult who SAW this happening. Everyone else is dealing with the consequences (as well they should), but so should he; I don’t understand why he would be exempt from being fired and charged after his role in this. I will never be able to fathom what could go through someone’s mind to just let that happen.

    Thanks for your reply too – it’s not a happy topic, but I think it’s important to talk about it and get it out there. Wish it was a topic no one ever had to talk about. I just hope the victims can find some solace somewhere and that the people involved are punished accordingly.

    Thanks for posting such an intense and fantastically written entry.

    • Thank you for your encouragement. I’m not sure what my on going “theme” will be here, right now it’s whatever moves me to write. Yes, it’s a terrible subject and I’m glad not the only one wondering about McQueary’s culpability.
      I don’t agree with the threats that have been made against him or the apart “riot” that happened on campus when Paternoster’ firing was announced; that stuff does no one any good. I hope that any unknown victims find the strength to come forward. I hope ANY victim anywhere finds the strength to tell someone. I hope they see that justice does happen, even if it takes too long.

  3. Dounia says:

    We’re definitely of one mind on this whole situation. I agree with everything you’ve said, from McQueary’s culpability, to the riots, and everything regarding the victims. It’s good to see someone sharing the same thoughts, and I’m sure we’re not the only ones.

    Good luck with the blog – sometimes it’s better to not have a particular theme and just go where inspiration takes you!

  4. Lea says:

    Justifiable outrage eloquently expressed. I had to wait a bit to read it because my own outrage and disappointment was too fresh. It was interesting to read Dounia’s take on the situation. You both are thoughtful articulate women

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