Who’s the Mommy around here again??

Twinkle's sign has influenced the thoughts of 3 yr old Buzzsaw perhaps?

          The other day Twinkle decided she was going to cook dinner for once. . . . it has some how become Bdawg’s kitchen. At least it is according to little Buzzsaw.
So Twinkle decides to cook dinner. She is busy gathering ingredients and cooking utensils, as she deftly evades the loving and homicidal attentions of Buzzsaw and his feline posse. She bends down and opens the lazy Suzy cabinet to retrieve the spices needed to complete her culinary masterpiece. Buzzsaw does some straannggee dance across the kitchen to get in her face and say,” Get out of there. That’s daaaaaddddddyyyyyy’sssss!”
Good night from WTF!ville. . .


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4 Responses to Who’s the Mommy around here again??

  1. Lea Campbell says:

    Twinkle surely has her work cut out for her…and she expresses it so amusingly.

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