How do gold stars and ice cream = an ‘R’ rated conversation?

**Fair warning, this is a slightly off-color, TMI, adult humor kind of post. Nothing horrible, but if you don’t like “jokes” referring to sex, then I would stop now…

5 Gold Stars

The following is from a phone conversation between Twinkle, Pebbles, and (of course) Morty in the background:

So Twinkle and Pebbles were having a nice gossipy conversation when Morty comes into the room to tell Pebbles that he had just finished cleaning his salt-water fish tank.

Pebbles: Yeah, that looks really good Morty.

Morty: . . . cleaned . . .good job . . . reward? . . .

Pebbles: You want a reward for cleaning your own fish tank?

Morty: . . . yeah. . . gold star?

Pebbles: You want a gold star?

Morty: . . . . . . . . (at this point Twinkle can’t hear exactly what was said) . . .

Pebbles: (chuckling) Okay, I’ll get some gold star stickers for you.

Morty: . . . . . .

Pebbles: You want ice cream if you accumulate enough gold stars? No you’re not getting ice cream.

Twinkle: Tell him that on Super Mario Galaxy you get a power up when you collect enough stars. . .lol . .

Pebbles: (laughing) Twinkle says you get a power up. . . . .. . . . No, Twinkle is not going to help you convince me of anything. No, she’s not going to help you in your pursuit of blowskies.

Twinkle: Tell him I don’t help Bdawg in his pursuit of blowskies why would I help him (laughing very hard)

Pebbles: (laughing and repeating Twinkle’s words). . .you want ice cream for cleaning your mess? . . .no, we are not going to refer to blowskies as ice cream. .

Strawberry ice cream in a cone.

Twinkle: Tell Morty that if you use your teeth then he COULD call them ice cream. . .

Ba da bump!


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4 Responses to How do gold stars and ice cream = an ‘R’ rated conversation?

  1. Carol says:

    Wow! That Morty sure is something huh? ?? Lol

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