My cat’s a southpaw!!!

20111231-   000355.jpg


I can’t believe I never noticed before now. I guess it just never occurred to me, and maybe it only occurred to me because the last three years have been filled with wondering if my little Buzzsaw is going to be left or right handed. The Buzzsaw seems to be leaning to the left-handed side of things but I am still holding out for an ambidextrous child. But back to the cat . . .

Frodo, yes my cat’s name is Frodo. Bdawg agreed to let me adopt the cat if HE could name him Frodo. I believe it was an excellent “compromise”. Anyway, Frodo is now almost eight years old and for the most part has tolerated the addition of the Buzzsaw to our family relatively well. He is a very possessive cat, he and my other cat Majik have an ongoing contest for who gets to take over my pillow every night.

20111231-002459.jpg Majik

I don’t get to play with Frodo like I used to, so maybe that’s another reason why I never noticed that he is left-pawed. But we were playing the other night and I suddenly noticed that every time he would reach out his paw to attack my hand, it was his left one whacking me! Even when he got riled up and began to use both paws to wrestle with my arm, he led with his left. I repeated this experiment a few nights later; sure enough, he used his left paw more than he did his right one. Too funny. Next time I hear him moving his water dish around, or see him trying to open a door, I will have to check and see which paw he is using!



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2 Responses to My cat’s a southpaw!!!

  1. We have a south-paw too. You can tell when they reach out and touch you.

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