Buzzsaw’s Super Mario Education

It was bound to happen, video games and my son. His daddy, Bdawg, is a semi-gamer and I have to be honest that I like video games once and awhile. At 2 1/2, my little Buzzsaw showed a quick and scary proficiency with my iPhone and his grandmother’s iPad. It was just a matter of time that he was going to find the game controllers and how they made things happen on the tv veeerrry interesting. Daddy killing zombies all of the time was just fuel to the fire. I wasn’t very comfortable (talk about an understatement ) with the violence of the games that daddy likes to play and I reluctantly “compromised” when Bdawg bought Mario Kart. And I admit, it is fun to play.


I just never expected the lightening speed proficiency Buzzsaw showed in actually playing the game. Silly mommy. At first there was a lot of him basically mimicking the actions of mommy and daddy with the controller, not comprehending the connection to what was going on on the screen. By at first I mean, less than a week. He then started to understand that he had to push buttons on the controller and rotate the wheel to make the characters drive the cars.

It took about a two weeks for him to be able to (1) drive in the correct direction and (2) stay on the courses. There was really only one place to go from there:

<img src="" alt="20120117-

  • 201723.jpg” class=”alignnone size-full” />. Yup, my Buzzsaw, at three years old has discovered online gaming! At first he was still going in the wrong direction and often times would get distracted in the middle of playing and go do something else; and more than likely leaving the other players shaking their heads and wondering WTF?! Speaking of the other players. . .

    20120117-221929.jpg Buzzsaw refers to them as moon people. This is one of the educational benefits that I have found with his Mario obsession. . . It is reinforcing his astronomical knowledge.

    20120117-222551.jpg However, he did have a hard time understanding for some time that they were not “helping us” play the game. You might think me deranged, but I can’t help but be proud of my little one when he doesn’t come in last; Bdawg told me that one time when Buzzsaw was playing he actually came in 5th . . . out of 12! Bazinga, y’all just got schooled by a 3 year old!
    Another educational perk is word recognition:

    20120117-223854.jpg he knows which word is regional.

    We have now moved on to:

    20120117-224047.jpg which is really working his fine motor skills and fine tuning his ambidextrous tendencies

    20120117-224206.jpg with some assists from the parental units

    Buzzsaw doesn’t like sitting still for books right now; we have tried and tried and tried. He will however focus on the screen when there is dialogue and pays attention when we read it all to him. Transform is another word he recognizes, all though it looks more like TRAANNSFOOORRMM in big pink letters when one of the stars is about to change into a slingshot star to shoot you to a new planet. But still. . .
    We have recently tried to curb this obsession by using it as a potty training motivational tool.
    It went something like this:

    Buzzsaw: I want to play Mario kart/galaxy

    Me: Okay, but first lets go use the potty.


    Buzzsaw: No. No more Mario Kart, no more Mario Galaxy (as he is shaking his head and swinging his arm with his index finger extended from side to side).

    He waited two whole days before asking to play the game again. That same conversation happened the other day, except candy was the topic.
    So although that trick was a bust ( we do however so no to his requests whenever he pees in his underwear), we now are confident that his critical thinking skills are coming along just fine.


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