Let’s Talk About Sex . . . Faces


When Disco Ruled the World

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  Disco thoughts courtesy of the Trickster 

  Last night at work I was mentally possessed by the Trickster.  I decided to see if I could mess with a few people by sharing one of the warped thoughts that sometimes disco dances in my brain when I am at work. It doesn’t happen all the time, but lately the Night Fever tune of this thought has popped up more often. And just like when a song gets stuck in your head and then you find yourself singing or humming it around others just so you won’t be the only one suffering, I decided to see if I could get others stuck thinking my mental disco thought.

Blame it on the Beige Couple

A couple of years ago I remember noticing this couple at one of the cocktail tables.  They weren’t one of my tables, so I had no interaction with them personally, but I did notice them.  Mainly because of just how unnoticeable they appeared.  They both were dressed in various shades of brown and tan/beige, and the clothes themselves were pretty “beige” in style as well.  Both had brown hair, brown eyes, and fairly pale complexions.  I don’t describe them this way to be mean or judgemental, it’s just what I observed.

I noticed them because they were just sitting there.  Both of them.  Staring off into space and not talking.  Not looking at their phones, not reading books or newspapers.  They were doing nothing while they sat there and waited on their food.  And it popped in my head that they seemed very beige.  They seemed like their clothes, functional but not very interesting. 

 I began to wonder if they were always like that; did they sit at home on their beige couch, surrounded by beige walls quietly watching tv or listening to beige music?  What were their conversations like, did they have conversations?  Did I just catch them after a really long and hectic day when they had nothing left in them except the energy to eat food, or were they like this all the time?

I couldn’t help myself or stop the train of thought.  I started to wonder, “what was their sex life like ??”  Are they beige there too?  And since that time, and that couple, that thought has played a recurring theme in my head when I am at work.  Like an old disco song that I can’t seem to get rid of even if I tried.  Which I don’t, really.  I find it amusing actually, to be standing at a table while they decide on a beer, and without warning or their knowledge, I begin to wonder if they have a sex face.  Are they all conservative in public and wild sex monsters behind close doors, or are they beige in the bedroom.

The disco dance of the Trickster  

So last night I decided to “come out of the closet” and share just how really warped I can be sometimes. Not that I haven’t come up with some bizarre stuff before, my coworkers are used to me giggling at the strangest things and laughing at my own really baaaaad jokes.  But I just wanted to see if I was the only one that ever thought this stuff, or at the very least, make a few people speechless.  Both happened.  Some people admitted, yes, that thought had popped in their head at times, and others, like my manager, gave me a speechless look and stuttered, ” No. that. . . thought. Never. . . occurred. To me.”  The Trickster is happy.

It all comes full circle

On my drive home from work last night I was thinking of how I could turn this into a blog post.  And wondering why this fascinated me so much.  I love people watching, and people wondering. But why had this thought got stuck in my head.  It’s my husband’s fault. 

When we started dating it was long distance, which meant a lot of phone calls.  My best friend was always surprised when I would tell her how we would talk for a couple of hours. People who know Bdawg know him to be fairly quiet, a man of few words. He isn’t the chatty type. The longer we dated the more opportunities I had to see the side of Bdawg very few, if any, people have had the pleasure of seeing.  Living together and getting married gave me full-time access to the private Bdawg.  And no, I’m not talking about his sex face.

I’m talking about those awesome and amazing moments that come from an intimate, committed relationship.  Like tickle fights he could never picture his parents having together.  Silly dances in the kitchen while cooking dinner that his coworkers could never imagine the stoic and professional Bdawg doing, ever.  The hours long, strange variety of conversations we have had over the years because, no one we know has ever witnessed my husband talk that much in one sitting.  These little and amazing aspects of my husband’s personality even his family didn’t know existed.  I’m that lucky.

I think that is why I wonder such strange things about complete strangers ordering beer and crab dip from me.  I only see that public face they put on when they are out and about in the world.  And I only see a fraction of how they are at any given moment in their life.  I have no idea who they are with their friends, or coworkers, or neighbors.  Our time and interactions together as restaurant guest and server are so short and limited, I don’t really ever get to know them. Most of them anyway.

But that person sitting across the table knows who they are.  The person they may or may not be interacting with at the moment I happen to be crossing their path, knows them like no other person walking the earth.  They know their fake laugh from a real one.  They have seen them cry, and know when they are pissed off beyond belief or just mildly irritated.  They have seen their silly dances.  And yes, they know their sex face. And maybe it isn’t beige after all.


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2 Responses to Let’s Talk About Sex . . . Faces

  1. Jeff says:

    I’ve teased you for years about your spelling, but writing like this makes spelling irrelevant. You have the “eye”. You see dimensions most do not, and this piece demonstrates an ability to put what you see into words. Now you’re screwed. If you don’t maintain, I’ll have to give you crap about less than stellar writing….



    • You’ve said some pretty cool things to me over the years, but this to be one of the top. . . 3 of the coolest things that you have ever told me. I love you and I’m proud of you are the two that top it. Thank you. ..

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