Mobile Discipline

I’m a “time out” kind of parent. I remember, years ago before my husband and I were married and just living in sin living together, we had this conversation, in the shower no less, about the effectiveness of time outs with children.

We were having the back and forth of him saying stuff like ” my parents spanked me when I needed it and it didn’t harm me”, countered with my ” me too, but I think time outs can be effective when they are followed through and consistent” blah, blah, blah.

Fast toward about ten years and now we have a toddler who needs discipline. I have yet to spank him. The husband has once or twice, and I can admit it, the Buzzsaw needed it. However, my son did hit me on the butt the other day; which goes towards my argument that hitting teaches hitting with some kids. And ours is one of them. Bdawg does utilize the time outs, they are effective with our son. . . for now.

I started them when he was between one and two years of age; when he started throwing toys or yelling and throwing fits. And not once has he fought them. As a matter of fact, he has put himself in time outs a few times. That really happened. But as all parents learn at some point, discipling your child isn’t always convenient. Especially when you are out in public. Sometimes you just can’t stick them in a corner or take them outside. I found this out in Target last week. What the hell do you do when you are in the middle of a store and sincerely can’t leave? Mobile time outs!!

A precursor is to actually implement time outs from the VERY beginning. And of course, a child that responds to time outs is kind of important. So if you can check those two things off, or if your child hasn’t learned to walk yet, let alone throw a fit in a store, this might work for you. . .

So we were in Target, Buzzsaw’s favorite store and my MIL was at one end of the store doing her shopping while we got our stuff and let Buzzsaw entertain himself in the toy section. Of course he didn’t want to leave, but we needed to head back towards the MIL before she was done and we lost track of her. Buzzsaw starts whining and crying and well, acting like a three year old. I’m looking around for some where to work as a corner or wall trying to get him to control himself. I find myself looking at metal clothes racks and just trying to picture standing in the middle of store hoping my kid stays there and doesn’t lick the rack, and hoping my MIL doesn’t get too far from the section I last saw her, when inspiration struck. I picked up my little fireball of pissed off and sat him in the cart and told him to put his head down, he was in time out! Holy fuck it worked!! He calmed down and didn’t lift his head until I told him that he could. I had to repeat the time out about five minutes later when he started to fuss about getting out of the cart, but, not kidding, it worked!
Parenting on the go, maybe I should copyright it or something. Screw it, if it helps, use it.


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2 Responses to Mobile Discipline

  1. Jeff says:

    Used in concert with such tactics, “Stinkeye” might be briefly effective as well…………or maybe not…..

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