Happy Birthday to Me!!!

So I turned 42 today. . . June 2nd that is, it’s actually, technically it’s June 3rd, but I have had a couple of drinks, just got home from work and really wanted to share the birthday bliss. I decided not to ask for the day off, figured I could, as one coworker phrased it, ” whore myself out for my birthday”. Which I did, and it was totally profitable. I greeted every table with ” Hi, I’m *GoddessofGlitter*, welcome to my birthday party!” if I was going to work, I should at least profit from it being my birthday. And I totally did. Not every table gave me a birthday bump, but the ones that did, made it worth the time. Beyond the patrons and their tips are my friends/coworkers. I can not put into words how very blessed I am to work with the people that I work with at my job. It’s a restaurant, so people tend to come and go, but where I work, we have people that are able to appreciate the job and the money. Waiting tables isn’t always easy. It takes a unique personality to deal with people and their food choices. When you are lucky enough to find a place that can incorporate such a diverse set of personalities, you stay put.

I am lucky enough to have found a place that can deal with and incorporate my personality. I am lucky enough to have found a place that consistently attracts people that are very hard not to like.
When I got off shift there was a Tiramusue cake, cheesecake, and cupcakes waiting for me; and a very loud rendition of “The Happy birthday” song. It really was all that I wanted. To be acknowledge, to be noticed. And my ” friends” did just that; they acknowledged my day. I just wanted to know that my presence meant something. I got that. In spades. That’s all most of us want; to know that our existence means something more than it does just to ourselves.

So the next time you have a coworker that has a birthday, acknowledge them, okay? It could make a difference between an average day and their very happiness. Sometimes, all we need is to be acknowledged. So, Happy Birthday to me, and may your birthday be as blessed and as happy as was mine!


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One Response to Happy Birthday to Me!!!

  1. Jeff says:

    I enjoy the way you put words together.

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