Hooters Schmooters

Yesterday the husband attended the retirement ceremony for a fellow Coastie. Afterwards he and a friend decided to stop by the local Hooters for some beer and wings. . . and yes, eye candy. I didn’t know he was there until I called him to see when he would be home and what we were going to be doing for dinner. I’m not one of those wives that has to keep tabs on him at all times, and it didn’t bother me that he was there; I now had an easy solution for dinner. Since his dinner was now taken care of, I asked him if he could bring home some wings and sliders when he was done with his man-date.

This is what I got:


Now, I’m no “foodie”, but even I can recognize disgusting when I see it. I opened up the box expecting buffalo styled chicken wings; what I got was anorexic mutant zombie wings! I can’t even call them chicken because there was barely any meat on them. I was hungry so I did eat a few. I finally gave up because attempting to eat them was seriously interfering with my bitching. That was much more satisfying by the way. I ended up eating birthday cake for dinner.

In addition to the insult that Hooters calls food, they are also in no way concerned with the environment or how much waste they produce. Which is obvious by the appearance of the “food”. The mutant zombie bones with skin were placed in one large styrofoam box, the two sides of ranch were placed in a second smaller styrofoam box, and a third small styrofoam box was wasted for the celery that regularly accompanies buffalo style wings.

So I go into work tonight to work as a “food runner”. (For those not in the biz, we are the people who aren’t your server, we deliver food for all the servers. All of us servers take our turn doing this, and yes, servers do tip out to the food runners.) Sometimes it’s a nice break from waiting tables…..Anywaaaaay, a lot of people were ordering wings. The more I saw them, the more I realized I still had a craving. Not only do we serve awesome beer, we have some jamming wings. I’ve read a few yelp! reviews for us that concur with my assessment. When I got done with my shift I ordered some of our Thai wings and this is what I got:


20120609-020142.jpg As a reminder, this is what Hooters calls wings :

I rest. My. Case.


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