The Perfect Summer Day

Today was one of those perfect summer days. Got to sleep in a little later than normal, coffee brewing when I finally dragged myself downstairs, and beautiful sunshine greeting me when I walked outside. And it was my day off. I had nowhere I had to be, and the whole day to enjoy. And for a nice change, I actually wanted to enjoy it. Sometimes, even on the best of days, I just want to stay in bed and not utter a word to anyone. But that is for another post because today was a good great day.

I got the pool out so the Buzzsaw and I good bask in the sunshine and splash around while Bdawg ran some errands. After a few diversions full of time outs for not listening and almost breaking mommy’s iPhone, followed by the ritual sunscreen slathering, the day and the sunshine was ours. Mine and my little Buzzsaw.

I set up a sprinkler next to the pool for added entertainment. Our backyard is unfortunately not hospitable to inflated pools or bare feet, so I get to entertain our neighbors as well as my son on days like today. I sometimes wonder what our neighbors think of their 42 year old, blue haired mother of a 3 year old Buzzsaw, romping around her front yard, splashing around and jumping through sprinklers like she is 8 years old. The narcissistic imp inside my head thinks it makes for great dinner time conversation.

I even cooked dinner tonight. Bdawg is the cook in this family. It’s not that I can’t cook, it’s just a lot of work. And I am, at heart, a lazy person. But I was feeling good today, so when Bdawg got back from the store, I asked if he wanted me to do something. And since he had also gone to the hardware store and came back with a DIY workbench, I knew that I needed to take over kitchen duty so that he could go do man things in the garage. I love how my husband’s mind works. I don’t always “get it”, but I still love how he thinks.

See, like I said, our backyard is a mess. It’s just a big slope of weeds and rocks leading to the treeline of woods that runs down to the local reservoir. Our property line stops just inside the trees, the rest is public land, but we have private access to waterfront. Pretty cool. But the part that is ours needs work.


20120611-011322.jpg We want to build a deck and put in a couple of tiered retaining walls, and eventually a hottub. Bdawg has done all of the measuring and drawing out of plans for the retaining walls, we just have to do the work. This is where I love, said with giggles, how my husband thinks. Before we can do the actual work on the yard, he needs the garage in order. We had two years worth of “what do we do with this shit” piled all over the place in there. Over the last few months we have finally cleared things out, donated boxes and boxes of stuff, and he has come home with new storage cabinets more than once.

In the back of our garage we have a washer/dryer set we haven’t used since 2005. The two rentals before our current residence already had them, and when we bought this house the renovators put in a new set in our laundry room. So I put all of our boxes of Halloween and Christmas decorations on top of the unused washer/dryer set. These boxes go to the ceiling, literally, because I looooovvvvveee decorating for the holidays. In this picture there really are a washer and dryer underneath and behind all of these boxes

20120611-011506.jpg We have an attic space above the garage, but Bdawg needs to install plywood up there so that we can store the boxes up there.

20120611-011626.jpgWe have been talking about doing this since January when I took all of his empty audio equipment boxes off of the w/d and put them in the attic space to make room for the holiday boxes. Did I mention my husbands is an audiophile? Today he finally came home with the plywood for the attic. And a new attic door with an attic ladder. And the DIY workbench. And a hydraulic stool. . . for the workbench.

See, to get the tiered walls done in the backyard he needs a workspace. Which, like so many suburban households, is the garage. So the garage has to be cleared out, and we are mostly there. But the attic needs to be set up to hold the weight of my holiday boxes so that we can get to the washer/dryer set to get rid of it to make more room for the storage of tools and such things. So before I get my backyard we he needs to install an attic door with ladder (which means “adjusting” the dimensions of the current attic opening ),move the holiday boxes to the attic, get rid of the w/d set, buy more storage cabinets/ shelves, and buy whatever else he needs to do this work on his new workbench.


Did I mention that we live in an HOA (home owners association) community? This means any work we do to the outside of our house and property has to be approved by the architectural committee! Don’t get me started on that topic. We have the approval to do our backyard, but it expires in August. There aren’t too any places that have mild summers and Virginia can be nasty in July and August. And Bdawg wants us to do the work of installing the retaining walls and leveling out the ground. This intails digging trenches and piling blocks and having loads of dirt delivered so that we can haul it from the front yard around to the back via wheelbarrow! In the summer! In Virginia! I understand the financial reasons for doing it ourselves. And I understand the pride and fulfillment that comes from doing this work ourselves. But he has been with me for 12 years! He knows how often I will walk by a piece of paper on the floor thinking, “I’ll get that in a minute“, before he ends up picking it up! How much fun does he think I am going to be putting in these retaining walls. And let’s not forget keeping an eye on our Buzzsaw and his “helping”!

This was my perfect summer day. Playing with my son in our inflatable pool in our front yard, making my neighbors think WTF as they walk their dogs through the neighborhood , while my husband does his “man things” in our garage. I even, for the first time in my 42 years of living, attempted my late grandmomma’s southern slaw and chili to make chili dogs for dinner. To quote myself, “it tasted like home.” We all have those dishes that take us back to childhood, regardless of the culinary quality, they are the ultimate comfort food. For me it’s my grandmomma’s slaw n chili dogs, southern style. And I think she would have been satisfied with my first attempt. It was the perfect ending to a perfect day.

My whole reason for this post however, my feeling of this being the perfect day, has nothing to do with anything I have just written. None of it. What made this day so amazing was a mere 30 minutes in the middle of all of this other stuff. After our pool time and Buzzsaw’s 15 minute nap, I got back to cleaning up the butchering of my azalea bushes, with the “help” of Buzzsaw. I used my leaf vacuum/blower to clean out around the remnants of my bushes while he used his rake to clean up some of the leaves. I also set up a lawn sprinkler ( vs a kid sprinkler which is more for fun than hydrating plants) to water some of my plants before they completely died.

This is where the day was perfect. The part where I knew I really should get the camera for pictures and video, and also knew that the moment would be over if I did, so instead I just enjoyed it, reveled in it. Watching my son, my Buzzsaw, play with the lawn sprinkler. The absolute bliss and joy on his face and in his laugh from playing in the sprinkler. Running back and forth across the yard, standing in the spray as it moved over him, swinging his plastic baseball bat through the streams of water. . . I was at once enjoying his enjoyment and simultaneously relieving my own memories of that bliss and wonderment.

There is nothing like watching a small child play in a water sprinkler. We grown ups talk about “living in the moment”, but they do it. Every moment of their lives. We make jokes or groan about the attention span of toddlers, but I envy them! The simplest thing, like water spraying through the air, is absolute. It is everything!. I don’t even have the words to describe the joy I felt watching my son “live in the moment.” My heart skips and I get a lump in my throat just thinking back on it to share it here. It is beauty. It is the perfect summer day.


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3 Responses to The Perfect Summer Day

  1. Jeff says:

    Superb, as always…………8-)

  2. Lea Campbell says:

    How did I miss seeing this one?…your father is correct…it’s superb…made me teary eyed

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