Worth Every Lost Cent

So my restaurant finally got power back this afternoon. That’s four days of shut doors and no income. I am fortunate that I have a spouse with a solid income, so we are able to absorb this unscheduled and unpaid vacation that was forced upon us. But I feel for my young, single coworkers who depend on every last penny to make their monthly financial obligations. And let me not forget to mention that the majority of my coworkers have also been without power in their own homes! And I feel for my bosses who have most likely been tallying the loss of sales these last four days. A headache I am grateful not to have; and one I wouldn’t wish on anyone. I know how fortunate I am, and I am very grateful.

I have spent the last 20 of my 42 years trying to focus on the good in my life instead of whatever crisis I found in front of me. I wasn’t always successful. Many times I succumbed to the pit of despair and wallowed in the dark waters of my life sucks. But there were times when I surprised myself; during some of my hardest times, I was able to focus on the sometimes microscopic threads of good and not swim in those waters. I’m not saying this past week has been horrific, something worth giving up all hope, but mentally counting all of the dollars not making their way into my pocket has been stressful.

What has kept me from focusing too hard on the lost income is what I have gained these last four days. Something no amount of money can make up for, time with my family. We have had dinner together every night this week. I even cooked most of them! Tonight, Bdawg grilled burgers and I made all the fixings as well as a yummilicious salad and homemade fries. We haven’t done a dinner together in way too long. We have been able to put the Buzzsaw to bed together each night, and it is very obvious how much he prefers it this way. It has been a much needed family regrouping. Bdawg and I often talk about how we both feel like single parents so much of the time, and he has let me know quite a bit how much he has enjoyed having me home in the evenings.

I go back to work on Thursday, I asked for the fourth off way back in January. Tomorrow we may or may not go do some community things to celebrate our nations birthday. We have more food for grilling and Bdawg bought some fireworks to set off at the house. We are undecided about going to see the D.C. fireworks from an army base across the Potomac; some of my husband’s fondest childhood memories are of saving up money all year to get fireworks to set off, and I know how much he wants to do that with our Buzzsaw. We set off two small ones tonight and gave him his first sparklers. I have to admit how much I also enjoyed watching our kid enjoy himself the way I remember doing as a child. I was really looking forward to watching him enjoy a big display, but I think it might be even better to watch him enjoy one at home with his daddy.

Yes, I have lost some really good income this week. But it has been worth every lost cent!
I hope everyone has a safe and happy Fourth of July. Happy Birthday America!



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