Facebook, Martinnis, and Chik-fila

It’s a good thing that the Internet wasn’t around when I was a teenager. I’ve known that for awhile, but I am just now admitting that publicly. I am quite the chatterbox, even without alcohol. But mix alcohol with Facebook on my iPhone, and I am a social mess in the making. I have always been somewhat of a ” lightweight” when it comes to booze; back in my dating days I would have been called a cheap date. One, maybe two drinks, and I was good for the night. . . If I knew enough to stop.
Last year I worked a beer dinner in D.C. Between Dogfish Head and Sierra Nevada, and I can admit, I was BEYOND toasted. I had to navigate the metro system by myself, drunk, with a ” smart phone”. Luckily, I didn’t embarrass myself too much, my I did drunk dial and drunk text on FB a few times. I did make a few friends nervous with my phone calls however. By loudly admitting I was drunk and didn’t know where I was. . . I DID know where I was though, it was just funnier at the time to say that I didn’t.
Tonight I attended a surprise birthday party for my buddy/ manager Linnie. I had a couple of drinks, some food, and then headed home to get the Buzzsaw and the Bdawg home for bedtime. When we got home, it seemed like a really good idea to have a couple more martinnis. I just noticed, and this is what inspired this post, that these two extra martinnis have made me more of chatterbox on my Facebook page. I have been fairly absent on FB for awhile, but a few martinnis have changed that fact.
I’m a little less cautious in my postings, a little more ” I don’t give shit” when I speak my mind. I’m not being rude or offensive, I’m just being a bit more honest. Like most of us, I have friends from different periods of my life on FB. I try to be “approachable” in my comments most of the time. But sometimes, especially after a few martinnis, I just want to say what I think.
Facebook is such a funny place sometimes, especially when it comes to religion and politics. People from ALL political and religious viewpoints LOVE to use the 1st amendment as justification for their viewpoints, but the minute someone disagrees with them, they are in a tizzy fit! That is the amazing thing about this country, we ALL have a right to our opinions and beliefs. And WE DO NOT have to agree with one another.
You know what? I LOVE. Chik-fila, and I COMPLETLEY support same- sex marriage. In my mind, these two things have NOTHING to do with one another. And this isn’t just the martinnis talking. I’ve been going through my FB newsfeed and a few people are still talking about it. And in my world, God has more important things to worry about than whether or not the CEO of Chik-fila supports gay relationships! This is one of the top ten biggest NON stories of the year. And that isn’t the martinni’s talking either.

noticed, and this is what inspired this post,


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2 Responses to Facebook, Martinnis, and Chik-fila

  1. lealovesak says:

    as always..an interesting slant…so you

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