Family Portrait

Sundays are my favorite. They are my only guaranteed day off and time with my family. Some Sundays are just a day where nothing much happens, but it is still nice to be together. Today was a fun day filled with some interesting Buzzsaw moments.

My son has recently learned the art of “arm farts”, his grampa should be happy and proud with that one.

We told him this morning to go use the bathroom so he pulls down his underwear and pants and decides to crawl down the hall with his knickers around his ankles.

He comes back to our room, pantsless, and we have this conversation:
Buzz: “I’m full of shit. Buzzsaw is full of shit.”
Me: ” Buzz, you don’t use that word. You’re not allowed to use that word.”
so proud I kept a straight face and a calm voice because I was busting out laughing in my head.
Buzz: ” Daddy can use that word?”
Me: ” Yes, daddy can use that word.”
Buzz: ” And mommy?”
Me: ” Yes, and mommy. But you can’t.”

At bedtime we asked him if he needed to do “nite nite pee pee”, he said no but he had to poop.
He wants me in there reading the potty book, he pees, that’s all and says he will try again later. So we go back to his room and get the pull up. As he is putting it on, I ask him what he is going to do if he feels the poop coming and he replies he is going in the potty. . .

Me:” Right! And not in the pull up.”
Buzz: ” Not in the pull up. And not on the floor. Not on the damn floor. It’s the damn floor.”

Bdawg and I both had an extremely difficult time expressing that he doesn’t use that word because we were both smothering our laughter. He said it so quietly and matter-of-fact. I know it’s my fault and that he was just repeating something I don’t even remember saying, but I know I did. Really going to have to clean up my mouth now that he will be in preschool. Otherwise I will be getting the same phone call my father got when I was this age, when he was told I called another child a fucking idiot! I’m pretty sure they didnt believe him when he said he had no idea where I learned that, and I’m equally sure that excuse won’t fly now!

But the best part of the day was this. It started with his self portrait:

20120806-015119.jpg With him describing the legs as big and strong as he drew them.
He also drew a picture featuring the women that were taking care of him since February, and their children that he played with:


This is the first time he has sat down and purposefully drawn something and it kind of looks like what it is supposed to be! He’s been scribbling off and on for a while, but he hasn’t shown much interest in actively drawing until now! It’s a big step for me, putting him in preschool, and I get a bit choked up thinking about it and how fast he is growing up. But I am so excited and even more confident that he will do well and really like it and all the activities and learning he will experience.

Lastly, I have mentioned before that I don’t normally identify my son on here, and I purposefully use a nickname. But I decided to include a link to the video because he was just so awesome in it and I couldn’t help but share.


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