Show and Tell Time

So Buzzsaw has so far settled into preschool. No problems at this point. True, it’s only been three days, but I’m enjoying it while it lasts. He’s enjoying it so much that when when we pick him up in the afternoons, he doesn’t want to leave! He cries and everything. Gee, thanks kid. But I am glad he is settling in and enjoying his new environment. It’s a good thing.

On his first day they learned about animals and the teacher asked all of the children which animal they like and why. Buzzsaw said he liked the rabbit because “it is a boy.”

On his second day he was asked to pick someone to dance with; he picked a new friend and danced his little heart out.

Today when I picked him up I overheard a little boy tell his mother, “that’s Buzzsaw!”. And his mother replied, ” oh! I’ve heard about him.” and then looked at me and welcomed me.

Pretty good start I think.

Tomorrow is his first show and tell day. All of the kids are to bring in a stuffed animal and tell the class why they like it. Tonight before bed we went thru some of his stuffed animals to pick one to take tomorrow.

I thought he would pick this guy:

20120809-003358.jpg Nope.

I suggested the lizard/dinosaur that he named all by himself:

20120809-003919.jpg Not interested.

I thought his newest “friend”, the one his dad brought back from Juneau would be a great idea:

20120809-004105.jpg He didn’t even respond.

Instead, he chose one of the first to his collection. Our neighbors from our old neighborhood gave it to him when we brought him home. We barely knew them, made small talk once and awhile. But we thought it was so nice of them to think of us that way, especially since they had no children themselves. . .

Twinkle (we named it Twinkle) plays music when you pull the handle. I tried telling him that Twinkle was a bug not an animal. He stood firm on his choice. So I asked him why he liked it, since he will have to give a reason tomorrow, he said, “because it’s a bug.”

My child is a study in contrasts. He loves trains and cars, but he also likes his Twinkle and the accidental “girl toys” he has gotten with a happy meal in the past. He loves Super Mario, Luigi, and Yoshi, but he will choose Princess Peach or Buttercup as his character to play as much as the other characters. He watches Transformers and Phineas and Ferb, but he also likes My Little Pony and Strawberry Shortcake. I can only hope that the other preschoolers are as unbiased in their toy choices as well. At three years old, hopefully the other children haven’t learned the gender issues we adults are obsessed with in everything.

Well, worst case scenario, he always brings his Monkey Bear with him for quiet time:



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4 Responses to Show and Tell Time

  1. lealovesak says:

    very sweet..lovely whimsical piece of writing…except it’s “Juneau”! It occurs to me, that he will enjoy reading about himself when he gets older…you should make plans to compile all the “Buzzsaw Chronicles” in whatever medium will preserve them until he’s old enough to appreciate them

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