What the hell is in that box???

I just watched the weirdest commercial!

Have you seen the latest Bounty paper towel commercial?


So the couple gets a new juicer and “uh oh” a spill! Typical paper towel commercial right? The girl goes to get the super duper Bounty towels that soak up everything, and what does the guy do? Help? Nooooo. Leave the room and go plop on the coach to watch the game? Noooooo. He. Looks. In. The. Box.


And he is still looking in the box when everything is all cleaned up, the amazingness of Bounty has been explained through “scientific” reenactments, and the final product placement has been shown on screen for the last time.


I just want to know, what the hell is in the box BOUNTY!!!


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I like to laugh
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