No Facebook, I Do Not “Like” Mitt Romney!

Ironically, after I wrote this and went to my newsfeed to post it on his page, the “pages you might like” was no longer in my news feed. I found his page and posted it anyway. Not my best writing, but I am just really irritated with whole “pages you might like” stuff, and the Mitt Romney suggestion was my tipping point. . .

Mr. Romney,
Facebook keeps telling me in my newsfeed that I might like your page. I have to respectfully disagree. Now I realize that you, or rather, your campaign paid A LOT of money to have Facebook harass me on a daily basis. This makes me question your ability to “fix” the economy ( not that I believed you could before this harassment began). If you are willing to waste your campaign money in such a fashion, I have to ask, in what ways do you plan on wasting OUR money if, Goddess forbid, you are elected President?
It’s a waste of money because I have no intention of voting for you. The only people who will “like your page” are those that have already decided to vote for you. I’m one of those voters that you needn’t waste your time trying to get my vote. I’m pro choice, I believe we all have a right to marry regardless of our sexual orientation, I happen to know that rape CAN lead to pregnancy (I realize that you didn’t say this, but AT LEAST one of your GOP cronies believes this crud), I believe in evolution, and I don’t affiliate with ANY Christian belief system. I don’t think the government has any right regulating medical procedures, either to deny them or enforce them. I don’t believe it is the governments right or responsibility to decide which consenting adults can marry and which cannot. And I believe that our Founding Fathers made it abundantly clear that this nation was a secular nation that any and all faiths were able to flourish. Religion is supposed to guide the spirit not the government.
I don’t believe you can fix the economy in four years anymore than I believed it was going to get fixed in the last four years. Our economy, as well as the global economy, is sick, and it takes a really long time to get over an illness. I believe BOTH political parties continue to lie and manipulate rather than tell the hard truths to the public. I also very much believe that the Republican Party has spent the last four years trying to make Obama a failure rather than make this nation a success. I also believe that this election is not about getting YOU elected, rather its about getting Obama UNelected. That doesn’t say much about you now does it?

Please don’t label me a bleeding-heart-liberal, because I’m not. I think the welfare system has damaged our nation and had raised multiple generations that believe they are entitled to things that I have worked my ass of to get for myself. I am a war vet, having served my country during Desert Storm and got my GI Bill to go to college. I also had to take out student loans WHICH I have paid back. I spent 8 years working countless 12 hour shifts in multiple hospitals caring for others. The healthcare system is in such a state that I had to get out before I lost my soul. I went back to school, PAYING OUT OF MY OWN POCKET, to get a degree in history, while I waited/wait tables to pay for classes as well as contribute to my families income. I had to put school on hold when my son was born because even though my husband has a good salary as an officer in the military, we still need my income to enjoy the life that we have built for ourselves.

I don’t believe you or the current Republican Party are the answer to our nations problems. You republicans spend so much time attacking anyone who isn’t a “God-fearing”, heterosexual Christian male, that I don’t see how you have had anytime to come up with ideas about our economy, the ongoing war we are mired in, or our energy issues. You still believe if the richer get richer then the rest will follow. I believe if you raise the foundation then everything else has to rise with it…meaning if you can raise the standard of living for the poorest of us, the everyone else’s standard of living will rise as well. I call it “trickle UP” economics.

Anyway, I just wanted to let you know that I DON’T “like” your page, regardless of what Facebook tells you OR me.


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