It’s All In How You Phrase Things

A tale in careful what you ask for…

You may have to be a parent to appreciate this, so to any non-parents who come across this, it may not be as amusing a story for you. But you really do have to watch how you say things to a child, because you are probably going to get exactly what you asked for.

We live in a split level house, that means we have an “entrance” level, a short stairway up to the bedrooms, and a short stairway to down to the living room. The other night I sent my Buzzsaw up stairs from the living room to go get ready for bedtime. He has recently discovered a lot more independence in the changing of his clothes and the brushing of his teeth. He still needs a bit of oversight, but he is finally doing so much more on his own. A joy and a sadness at the same time.

A few minutes after sending him upstairs he comes back down asking if he had his night time pull up on right. It was a new brand, and he wasn’t sure about the designs, and which went in front. Me either. So I said “Turn around and let me see your butt.” He stood at the top of the stairs to the living room and he turned around, pulled down his pull-up, and showed me his butt!

I’m not sure which came faster, the tears or the laughter, but both me and Bdawg were beyond speech from laughing, and my son had now gone from straight mooning us to reenacting the talking from your butt scene from Ace Ventura because we were laughing so hard. We found it is actually impossible to correct the behavior of a four year old when you are about to pee your pants. And laughter only reinforces the behavior ( we actually already knew that part). Which has left us with a lot of mooning incidents lately


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