I Just “Did Something”

Does anyone remember the “Do Something” campaign from a number of years ago? I don’t remember all of the details about it, but the gist of it was for everyone of us to go out and do something for your community. Get involved, volunteer, contribute something positive to your environment. I’m actually too lazy to be a really active activist, but once and awhile I get the opportunity to do something. It’s usually something small, something most people would overlook or consider not important enough to do anything. Those are actually my pet peeves. The little details of every day life that get overlooked but actually contribute in a big way to the demise of society by marginalizing common courtesies. I have a looooong list of pet peeves, but there is one that just pisses me off. And today I got to do something about it.

My family went out for brunch today. We just ran up the road to the local IHOP, nothing major. My MIL (mother-in-law) lives with us and uses a walker to get around. This makes me more aware of our surroundings when we go out places. I notice fairly quickly how accessible places are because I have to figure out the easiest way for my MIL to get in and out of an establishment. It also makes the lack of consideration from other people much more vivid for me.

So we come out of the IHOP and I noticed this car parked right in front. It was a red Ford Focus and I was admiring it because I thought Ford had made some nice details on it. As I am looking at the car I noticed that it was parked in a Disabled Only parking spot yet there was no disabled decal on the plate or hanging from the inside rear view mirror!!! Grrrrrr!!!

Now there was a big sign posted about a $500 fine for parking there illegally, but I felt like it would have been going over the top to actually call the police and expect them to rush right out and issue a citation. And mostly I’m just not that vengeful. . . mostly. I also thought about going back inside and mentioning it to the manager. But I really didn’t believe that he or she would have yelled into the restaurant, ” HEY! Whoever is the asshole who parked illegally in the disabled parking spot you better move your car before I call and get you fined $500 2 1/2 weeks before Christmas!” I am THAT kind of vengeful and would have enjoyed it, probably a little bit too much for 2 1/2 weeks before Christmas. . .shhh, don’t tell Santa on me.

Instead I did what I do best, I used my words. I pulled out a sheet of paper from the notebook in my purse and scribbled a little reminder not to be an asshole, others can see you. Here is what I wrote:

Either you forgot to hang your disabled decal in your window or you just don’t care about the needs of others. Karma catches up. Have a happy holiday. I hope others show you more consideration than you have shown those who need the spot you just took!

Now I realize I didn’t do anything major, but that wasn’t the point. I honestly believe that all the little common social courtesies that we have allowed to slide by the way side over the last 50 years has turned our society into a group of individualized, selfish assholes who can’t see past our own noses and what is happening to those around us. Little things like holding a door open, helping a stranger with a load of groceries, or allowing someone to exit an elevator before pushing your own way on ( there have been times that I really wanted to shoot someone for that one). No wonder there is so much rage, unrest, violence, and terrorism in the world. If we are assholes to each other on an individual basis why are we surprised at the level of global hatred we have for each other in larger groups based on race, gender, nationality, religion, or politics?

So in my own little way I held someone accountable for their actions. It gets tiring allowing others to get away with being rude, disrespectful, and inconsiderate. I wait tables and I have to do that for a living. But when I am out and about and I see such blatant disregard for others, I refuse to be silent. All I can hope for is the person who parked that car in the disabled only spot to feel some shame and never do it again. And that’s all I want anyway. That and the new Wii U system. . .


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4 Responses to I Just “Did Something”

  1. oppozitesattract says:

    I know exactly how you feel.. After Thane’s car accident he and I went through the same issues.. I used to get so upset when people would take the disable parking spots when clearly they didn’t need it..(NO DECAL) And sometimes we would go to the mall just so he can get out of the house for awhile and people would just get right in front of him without saying excuse me or anything like they didn’t even see him at all… How can you not see a man in crutches and sometimes a wheel chair???? I used to get very upset and just start cussing out people.. Granted I’m sure it wasn’t the correct way of going about it but it pissed me off.. Some people are just really rude.. 😦

    • A few months back my MIL and I were at another IHOP for lunch and we were working our way through the restaurant to leave. There were some two person booths on our right and a half wall on our left leaving very little room to maneuver around us and her walker. Well, this lady, who looked to be in her 70’s ( you know, the generation that usually is the biggest complainer of how little courtesy there is now), decided there was just enough room for her to squeeze by my MIL and her walker, startling my MIL a bit in her bid to win the race to the front door. ‘Cause you know it’s an important thing to be out the door first…
      She was just so rude about the whole thing that I mumbled to the nice gentleman behind me about how rude it was for that woman to shove by my MIL like that.
      When we got outside I noticed the woman standing by a truck, and I shook my head at the fact that she was sooo rude moments earlier and here she was waiting in the parking lot for someone else. It turned out to be the man that was behind me inside as my MIL slowly made her way on her walker to the restaurant door!

      I hope he said something to her.

  2. katecrimmins says:

    I had a door slammed on me today. I was walking in back of two men in business suits into a Starbucks. They were talking but the second one just let the door slam on me. You can dress them up but you can’t make them polite. Good for you for writing the note. I have secretly wanted to dent a car when they do that.

    • Yeah, business suits just make them nicely dressed assholes. I lose my fuse when that happens. It’s amazing how a person can look right at you and see that you are heading in the same direction as them and then completely forget you exist when you get to the door.

      I was pulling into a parking spot at the grocery store one evening and another car stole my spot by pulling through an EMPTY spot on the other aisle and moving forward into the spot that the front end of my car already occupied. I looked at the man through my windshield with a nasty look of incredulity and he just mimicked me and shouted through his open window,”Learn anything.”

      With no exaggeration I could have been arrested for obscenities for the shit that was spewing out of mouth at him as he walked into the store.
      Now here is a bit of my “vengeful” side; at the time I was working at a local hospital as a respiratory therapist. I worked the night shift and often times was the only RT there, and the only one covering the ER. I would fantasize about that man coming into the ER and needing a breathing tube shoved down his throat to keep him alive. And I would imagine being the one to “tube him” and then look down on him and say “learn anything.” That would have been sweet. Terrible I know, but sweet none the less.

      I hope your day got better after your run in with the suit brigade

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