Procrastination Purgatory

The most ironic part of this post is the title. . . I’ve been writing it in my head for more than a month now.  I’m pretty sure I have redefined the word procrastination, which is obviously an accident.  Unless of course redefining the word is something that I have been working towards for some time now; which my parents would say yes,yes it is something I have been trying to accomplish for oh, almost 43 years.  Ha!  Look, even now you are witness to my procrastination in action as I prolong getting to the actual point of this post.  Awe inspiring isn’t it?  Okay,okay, on to the point. . .

Right after New Year’s Eve my bosses started talking about the Beer Dinners scheduled for this year, and the first one was to be the Mardi Gras dinner that was the focus of my last post.  Immediately I started visualizing ideas for decorations and I couldn’t wait to get started (hee hee, isn’t that funny).  The first idea that popped in my head was this: 

I wanted to make the tables look like Mardi Gras floats but keep it “Dogfish style” with the color themes.

And so I proceeded to make some mock-ups of the parts to get an idea of the work involved in the execution of the idea:

Awesome!  A month and a half in advance I have my idea, and although it’s going to take a bit more work than I hoped, I have plenty of time to make this work!  That is what is called delusional thinking when discussing the thought process of a bona fide procrastinator.   

Another factor of influence for a procrastinator is the ability to mentally detach from reality while planning a project.  That’s actually a dual influence because the planning part is literally mental and does not include list making, outline drawing, sketching, organizing, inventorying, or any other form of actual physical planning of a project.  And by detaching from reality I mean not taking life into consideration when thinking about how much time is involved.  Things like children, family, work, sleep, illness, and hormones are magically erased for a true procrastinator.

I did make some honest attempts to break free of procrastination purgatory by making a list once and awhile:  

I also had some hand written lists and even some sketches, but I have either lost them or threw them away.  Really, I did have them.  I also made a few trips to the craft and party planning stores.  And I did do some actual inventorying of my craft  supplies and gathering them together and such.  

And still I ended up doing this the night before the beer dinner:

and this:

to come up with this:

Yeah, I stayed up all night. And I still didn’t finish.  My wonderful coworker Mariel helped glued all the parts on the boxes while Tina, Wren, and Dustin helped get everything set up.  It ended up being a 40 hour day for me.  All my fault too.   I survived but I certainly don’t bounce back like I used to do.

If you are a fellow resident of procrastination purgatory I hope to hear from you . . .  at some point in the future.  And sometime after that, I’ll respond. . . cheers!



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  1. Jeff says:

    I’ll comment tomorrow……

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