Rainy Day Conversations


The little Buzzsaw was supposed to have soccer practice today.  But for the second weekend in a row it has been rained out.  I don’t think he is too sad, he tends to do everything but actual soccer at the practices/”games”.  So instead we are having some chill time at home until I have to go to work this evening.  Right now we are hanging on the porch playing with my iPad and iPhone.  I have”Candy Crush” on the iPad but not the phone.  Buzzsaw asked me if we could get the game on the phone as well (yes, he understands apps and how to go about getting them in App Store app).  I explained to him, rather than just saying no, that there was no more room in my phone for more games.  Buzzsaw looks down at the phone at the home screen, points to a spot where there are no app icons and tells me, ” Theres room right here.”  I no longer feel silly for giving him such a realistic explanation. 


He is quickly distracted again by the photo albums and the never ending roll of pictures that primarily feature him. In the middle of the continuous loop of chatter emanating from my left I cue into the “it’s Disneyland.  Disneyland is here.”  The above screenshot is what he was looking at when he was talking about Disneyland.  The icon is of a picture from our trip to Busch Gardens when he was 2 1/2!  And while we plan a trip to Disney World in the future, the magic kingdom has yet to be graced with his presence.  


He is even more fascinating than I hoped and I just live for these moments.


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One Response to Rainy Day Conversations

  1. katecrimmins says:

    Enjoy them! Before you know it he’ll be off to college or some adventure.

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