Things You Can’t Say When You Have A Kid

You know how people can turn the most innocent of sentences into a “that’s what she said” or some other perverse idea that makes you giggle like a frat boy? If you ever met ME then you would know that I pretty much do that with everything. So does Bdawg.  We have spent many a nights throwing, “you said hard” back and forth and chuckling at each other.

It’s a bit more difficult when you are trying to get a 4 yr old Buzzsaw moving.  The most innocent of instructions to the child triggers the frat boy thoughts.  But WAIT! You’re talking to your kid! You can’t laugh at that!

We just had one of those moments and I just had to stop and share.  We are in the process of packing up and checking out of our hotel after a two day chocolate blow out.  We have been vacationing in Hershey Pa.  It’s been a blast but we are beat and ready for home. Anywaaaaaaay. . . .

My Buzzsaw is a jokester.  He loves doing silly, goofy things and saying “look at me mommy.”  This morning in the process of getting dressed he did that with the tank-shirt I picked out for him.  I hear, “look at me mommy”, and there is my kid with his tank shirt pulled on upside down from the feet first.  Like he was wearing a tube-top or something.  We chuckled and rolled our eyes, and told him to put it on the right way.

I go back to gathering things up until I hear my husband stutter, ” Buzz! Put it in the right ho. . .buzz, put it on right.” I start my frat boy giggle ’cause he couldn’t bring himself to tell his son to put his head in the right hole!   

I’m terrible.  I know.


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