My Husband is cheating on me with a lying bitch!

You read correctly. I said she is a lying bitch AND I know about her. She is apparently quite nice when I’m not around, figures right? She only gives him a hard time ( and not the good kind) when I’m there. She gets worse when my friend joins us and makes it abundantly clear just what a lying bitch she really is to my husband. Maybe she does lie to him when I’m not around. He just doesn’t know it.

She is always trying to ruin our family. . . fun time. I think she thinks that if she frustrates Bdawg enough and gets us bickering, he will give up on our plans and head home. . . to be with her. She consistently gives him us misinformation. She tries to act like she knows what she is talking about, but she doesn’t. She thinks she knows better than me what my husband wants and where he wants to be in his life. She is very bossy. If Bdawg dares to include me she won’t shut up. Usually because me friend and I show my husband just how wrong she is for him. He just really needs to break up with her. I keep telling him that. And she knows it. I say it right in front of her. You would think that she would get a clue. You would think she wouldn’t be so stupid as to continue the same behavior; that she would change her ways and start trying to woo him with honesty.

As hiswife I know how much he values honesty. She doesn’t really love him. She just likes controlling him. She just likes him because he doesn’t argue too much and just lets her lead him around, where ever she feels like going. Well, I’m done!!! I’m not putting up with it any longer. She really just needs to go!!

Seriously. Bdawg really needs to get a new gps/navagation app for his phone.


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One Response to My Husband is cheating on me with a lying bitch!

  1. tric says:

    Nice one. I just wrote a similar themed post and was waiting to see what your punchline was. 🙂

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