We Appreciate Your Patience, A Customer Representative Will Be With You Shortly. . .

As I begin to type this, I have now been on hold for 1:00:55,56 57,58. . .  with the “help” line for a website that is required for a computer class that I am required to take for school.  I actually need this class.  Not just because it is required, but because computers piss me off, I have no patience, and for some reason I have ALWAYS had issues with even the simplest of tasks when it comes to computers.  I can browse the internet, email, Facebook, bank, play games, etc; but when it comes to troubleshooting I’m pretty much fucked most of the time.  Take this blog for example.  I’ve basically given up on adding pictures and figuring out the sidebar widgets. From my perspective, as the administrator, it is all messed up, not sure what it looks like to the rest of you.  I thought I had it set up to automatically post a link on my Facebook page; but for some reason I still have to do it manually. Every. Single. Time.  I use the “Blog pad pro” app to write my posts because I thought it would be easier.  I can’t even make the the bold, italics, and underline options work correctly!  I try using the buttons at the top, but they won’t let me just bold one word and then unbold and continue on. Every single time it is a multi-multi step task.

I tried to figure out how to wrap text around pictures in earlier posts.  Always had problems.  So I have given up on that. . .

Now going on 1:17:20 wait on hold. . .

I was looking forward to this ITE class so that maybe I could figure out some of things on my own without wanting to cause physical pain to myself and my iPad.  FYI those two italicized word in the previous sentence each took 3 extra steps than they should have.

Why am I on hold for almost an hour and a half you ask? Well, I have to buy an access code to an online IT lab so that I can participate in my class, do the lessons, and actually learn some shit.  I got “registered” and attempted to pay the $115 it costs to access this required lab.  $110 for the code and another $5 for the etext.  The used hard copy book and access code package at the school is $149.00, this was the cheaper of two ripoffs.  Error has occurred sending the course enrollment to the external system is the message I get in an email when I go thru the whole payment process, after which it tells me to try again… Okay.  So I do.  And I get the same email.  

So I am on hold now for AN HOUR AND A HALF  because (1) I want to know how many fucking times I should try, and (2) is it because I am trying to register and pay for the course on my iPad.  That is all I need to know. My class is tomorrow morning and I was really hoping to have this taken care of before I go to class.  No, I didn’t wait to long.  Even the instructor had issues in our last class when he tried to show us how to get registered.  He didn’t post the updated info online until this evening, and I had to wait until I got home from another class before I could work on this issue.

I am left wondering just how reliable is this company and its product if their customer service is sooooooooo busy ” helping other students” (that’s a direct quote from the automated voice when they thank me for my patience every other minute or so) that I am on hold for 1:36:49,50,51. . . .

I just hung up.  Fuck those fuckers and their fucking product.  I’m tired, I have cramps, and I have a child to get up in the morning before I head to class and explain to my professor what he probably already knows. . . 

Thanks for reading my vent. . . Good night!


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3 Responses to We Appreciate Your Patience, A Customer Representative Will Be With You Shortly. . .

  1. Did you ever get this figured out? I am having the same exact error message and they can’t seem to figure it out.

  2. Did you ever get this figured out? I have the exact same error message

    • It was a combination of problems that had nothing to do with me. The school had updated their network, and company who sold the book had updated their website and ordering stuff. It was a nightmare for the entire class. I hope your problem is resolved quickly!

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