Sometimes my mouth DOESN’T get me in trouble.


You just never know what will happen when you speak your mind. Most of the time people just look at me like I’m batshit nuts ( sometimes true); sometimes they look at me like, “yeah. That was better in your head.” Many,many times that is absolutely correct. But once in a while they validate my belief that I have good ideas. Today was one of THOSE days.
My mother-in-law (MIL) lives with us and has MS. She has lived with it for 47 years, and while she has to use a walker and is limited in many aspects, she’s been living with MS pretty damn well. One of the things she can’t do is drive, and that means most of the time I’m the one taking her to Dr appointments. I also worked in the medical field for 8 years, so I feel I have intimate knowledge about patient care. I also know that patient CARE is actually the very last concern in the medical field. Yes I know, there are many many many INDIVIDUALS in the field that care about the patient, but the field as a whole cares more about the bottom line.
One of the things I have noticed from taking my MIL to appointments, and which has become a major peeve of mine, is how medical buildings (not hospitals) are designed. They are not designed for the people who need to utilize the building. I have taken her to appointments where the office is located on the second floor and there was a problem with the elevator! I probably can’t make much headway with that issue I know.
My biggest issue is with the doors accessing the building. People like my MIL who have to use a walker or wheelchair, a parent with a baby carrier or a stroller, an amputee, ANYONE who cannot easily manipulate a traditional door. Why are they not taken into consideration when the buildings are designed and the doors are chosen for the building?
They always have the appropriate designated parking spots.


And some even have a ramp like area rather than a traditional curb. But once you get out of the parking lot and onto the walkway, you are screwed. Today I decided to find out why.
As I pulled into the parking lot for today’s MIL appointment I noticed a big sign on the building with a number to call if you wanted to lease space in the building. And I called it. And I spoke with the guy who built it, owns it, and manages it.
And I asked him why medical buildings are designed in such a way that the people who NEED to get in them, can’t always easily do so. We had a really great conversation which ended with him giving me his email because he would like to stay in touch. I am the first person to ever bring this to his attention, and he would like to keep in contact with me. Because the next time he is hired to build a medical building he would like to utilize my experience and viewpoints on this issue. And I quote, ” I would even PAY you for your input because you have lived with this issue” and I have an insight that had never occurred to him or other builders!!!

Sometimes when I open my mouth really good shit comes out!


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4 Responses to Sometimes my mouth DOESN’T get me in trouble.

  1. katecrimmins says:

    That is really good stuff! Many years ago I fractured my kneecap. Yep, the orthopeds were on the 4th floor of a building. The parking lot was a deck a block away. There was no valet parking. My husband dropped me off, got me into the building (I was on crutches) and leaned me against the wall. (All the seats were taken by other equally handicapped folks.) It was very hard. Now the practice moved to a new building. They are on the 3rd floor but there is free valet parking and those valet folks get you a wheelchair or do whatever you need. Such an improvement.

    • It really does amaze me just how little patient care factors into the designing of medical facilities. And it would be really really cool if I somehow got to make some sort of difference.

      Next on my agenda is the medical office staff! Today was the FIRST time that anyone in any of the many doctor’s offices that we go to that someone didn’t make my MIL get up and down to fill out paperwork or stand at the counter while they did their work. They can see she is on a walker and that it is cumbersome for her to get into a standing position, carry a clipboard of paperwork, and then manipulate her walker around the waiting room. Drives me nuts!

      So how is your knee now?

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