I Want This To Go Viral


As I scrolled through my Facebook feed this morning I found the following post that a friend of mine shared.  I do not know the person who shared this originally, nor do I know the person who actually wrote it so I am unable to appropriately credit the author.  I do know that it was written by a military person. I have read comments on various websites by military personnel that frankly are insulting to the uniform they wear.  This is NOT one of those people.  I have been amazed and excited to see people from across the globe check out my blog. I feel that too often we as individuals are characterized by the stances of our governments rather than who we are and what we feel as individuals.  I wanted to share with anyone who is willing to listen, what an awful lot of us “muricans” feel and think about the horrific crisis in Syria. I think this post is beautifully written without insulting anyone. So please read it AND share it 




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2 Responses to I Want This To Go Viral

  1. shovonc says:

    He’s a Gandhian, actually.

    • If you have more information on the author, I would be very interested. I’m not exactly clear if you are saying that the author isn’t an American solider, or just clarifying about the philosophies and politics of the author. I still believe its a powerful message, but I wouldn’t want to incorrectly credit it.
      I just wanted to express to those outside of our borders that a large portion of the American public IS NOT okay with intervening in Syria at this moment, with the information being given us, and without it being a UN action.
      I personally believe there are too many unanswered questions as to the origins of who used the chemical weapons. I haven’t heard of anyone denying that they were used, just no proof of who is actually guilty. I’m sick and tired of permanent members of the UN Security Council making decisions based on the personal needs and motivations of their respective nations rather than doing the job they are tasked with doing. I naively have believed that UN was designed to address issues that cross sovereign borders and affect the entire global community, but they never really seem to do that and millions of people have have suffered because nations can’t put their individuality aside and do what is right.
      And I worry about the consequences. I have never stopped being nervous and looking up whenever I hear a plane going overhead, and I probably never will. I’m terrified of what “twitch” my son will grow up.

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