They Say Ignorance is Bliss. . . Fortunately I Wouldn’t Know

Oh how I’ve missed my blog! I’ve been absent these last few months because I have been super busy educating myself. I would love it if more people would join me in that endeavor. As you can tell, I’m feeling fairly snarky at the moment; I made the mistake of offering a bit of logic utilizing some of the critical thinking skills that I have been strengthening this semester. Shame on me? Nah, I dropped out of the conversation when the insults started flying and turned to my blog, where I don’t have to worry about taking the high road or playing well with others. . .

So here is the gist, a good friend of mine posted this morning about what he felt was the dwindling of freedom of speech. I haven’t been keeping up with media gossip lately, so it took some perusing of my newsfeed to discover that he was commenting on the suspension of Phil Robertson from the A&E show “Duck Dynasty” due to some disparaging remarks he made in an interview for GQ magazine.  As long as things can remain civil, I enjoy engaging in conversations with people of differing viewpoints.  Those are the conversations that allow me to develope my argumentation skills and learn how to engage in a sometimes heated exchange while maintaining my composure.  I find no value from derailing from the original point only to attack and insult each other.  Unfortunately that is exactly what happened this morning.  Not with my friend; he was off to work by the time I saw the post and decided to comment.  I took some screen shots of the conversation. I pinked out all names and applied cute little stickers over everyone’s profile pictures.  I may be snarky and sarcastic, but I’m not an asshole.  I, of course, am the posts with the little crowns.  On with the show. . .(and please excuse any typos)





So let me start with pointing out that the chick, the flower, and the heart all state in one shape or another that they “don’t hate gays” or “they have gay friends”. I don’t know about anyone else, but if I had a friend that was okay with some pseudo celebrity equating me with someone who has sex with farm animals, well, I would be a little miffed. Of course that isn’t the point though. And apparently neither is contractual obligation or person responsibility. And really, if you don’t “like” gay people, or you disagree with the “life-style” and think it is a choice, then own it! As far as I am aware, there is no law that says you have to like everyone. Who is really bending to political correctness here?
As was so emphatically stated in this thread, freedom of speech and right to your opinion are for everyone. . .oh, except for me, that is.
I find it amusingly hypocritical that these people are upset because they feel Mr. Robertson’s freedom of speech is being infringed upon, yet they feel entitled to insult me into silence. If they had any knowledge of me and what I believe, then they would know I believe our constitution is a sacred document, and I will vehemently defend anyone’s right to express themselves, regardless of how vile and despicable I find those views. I believe that the Westboro Baptist Church are some of the worst hate-mongers around; however, as long as they are not silenced neither will I be silenced.
The chick, the sheep, and the flower seem to be under the impression that Mr. Robertson was silenced. I would disagree. If his opinion was silenced then we wouldn’t have had the discussion we had this morning. If we get to the point where we no longer see diverse opinions floating around then we should worry.
Finally, I will admit to trying to bait the chick a bit when I pointed out the contradiction in her statement that I was ignorant and stupid for discussing a tv show I “obviously know nothing about”, and that maybe she should apply that rule to Mr. Robertson. That’s when I realized it was time to exit the conversation. I responded to the original post by my friend because we are able to argue, disagree, and even get angry with each other without stooping to the level of insulting each other’s intelligence.
And I really can’t have any kind of conversation with someone whose only rebuttal is “keep going”, my vocabulary is much more vast than that.


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