I am normally not a fear-monger. I like to believe that using common sense and taking things with a grain-of-salt can, for the most part, keep trouble at arms length.  That didn’t work for me today.  And personally, I am sick and tired of large corporations being more concerned with their public image than the satisfaction and safety of their customers.  I believe the power of the consumer is mightier than the power of government regulation or intervention OR the power of the PR wing of a major corporation.  Kind of like the Field of Dreams quote, “If you build it they will come.”  Well, in the retail world, if you leave they will chase you.  You just need a big enough crowd to follow you to make a difference.

I have been a happy shopper at Target stores for almost 30 years.  I like their products and the stores tend to be less trashy than Wal-mart.  Especially where I currently live.  Since I have been in school, almost a year now, I haven’t done as much shopping as I normally do, so my trips to Target have been less frequent.  I’m talking maybe 4 trips in the last 10 months.  Prior to that, I was probably in Target at least twice a month.  My trip to Target today was probably the first in about a month, maybe two; couldn’t tell you for sure, lately my schedule is about school and everything else just blurs together. But it was most certainly my last.

I took my mother-in-law to do some shopping and decided to see if there was anything I wanted to pick up while I was in the store.  And I decided to use a card that I rarely use.  I didn’t even have to hand my card to the cashier.  Safe, right?? WRONG!!!

3 hours later, the hubby and I are enjoying “date night” while the Buzzsaw is enjoying “kid’s night out” at an Engineering for Kids workshop, and my phone rings.  I see that it is an 800 number and for some reason,I decide to answer it.  Glad I did. It was an automated call from my credit card company about a recent purchase.  To be honest, I had used my personal card when I normally use the hubby’s card because I didn’t want any grief for the expenditure.  I assumed this was karma catching up with me for trying to be sneaky.  So I walked outside to take the call and accept karma’s sarcasim.

Instead, I hear the automated voice ask me if I had tried to make a $700 purchase at Macy’s in the last 15 minutes!!!  NO! NO! NO!  I most certainly DID NOT! Transfer to the fraud department. 5 minutes later I am speaking to a live person who goes over the problem with me.  Someone had made a $200 purchase at a Macy’s in Virginia which cleared, and then they tried to make a $700 purchase, which was placed on hold (probably because that amount exceeded my limit based on my balance).  Yeah, not me.

So I have to express my gratitude towards American Express.  While I recognize that their diligence is for their own protection, I am very grateful for them not wanting to be responsible for fraudulent purchases.  I’m extremely impressed that I was called within 15 minutes of the questionable purchases.  Even if there is a part of me that is a bit creeped out at the whole “big-brother is watching” kind of thing, it’s also nice to know that my ass is collaterally covered by the credit card company covering their ass.

The even crazier part is the fact that the purchases were made with an actual card.  As I stated earlier,  I didn’t even hand my card to the cashier, I never gave up physical custody of my card!!  Within 3 hours my number was hacked from Target and a physical card was produced and used in the same state.  THAT’S creepier than the “big-brother is watching” thing.

I’m asking anyone who reads this post to PLEASE share it!!!!  Target has obviously NOT adequately addressed the security issues with their credit card system.  If enough people complain and STOP SHOPPING AT TARGET then maybe they will truly  do something to protect their customers.  I really do like shopping in their stores, and it saddens me to no longer feel safe making purchases there. But I choose the safety of my personal information over the convenance of shopping at Target.  Until they feel it in their bottom-line, they will not appropriately address the security issues of their credit card system.






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