The Newspaper Box

As I stepped out of the nice and comfy Toyota this morning, grumbling to myself about the driver going almost a block past the metro station and having to backtrack, I noticed something on the sidewalk in front of the newspaper box. My mind came out of its self-centered thought bubble and focused on the fact that I was looking down at a person. A person poking through a small nap sack of items, bundled up in a dark blue coat with hood over their head, kaki pants, and boots. I could see all of this because they had no blanket. Just a person, sleeping in front of a newspaper box, while the rest of us hurried to the metro to get our jobs.
As I walked by this person I remembered my lunch bag hanging from my shoulder. I stopped, pulled out a kashi bar I had for a snack later in the day, turned around and went back and gave it to the person lying in front of the box with no blanket, on a street filled with people just walking by.
For less than a split second I felt really good for doing something; for giving something to someone who had nothing but a small nap sack of worldly possessions. I spent the rest of my walk to the metro station trying not to cry. My heart just broke for this stranger. I don’t care why they are on the street. Maybe they did it to themselves. Maybe life just sucked from the beginning for them, and never got better. Doesn’t matter.
If your reading this right now, you are more than likely doing so from some place far better than a busy city sidewalk, in front of a newspaper box.
If you are having a bad day or thinking about whatever family, relationship, work, health, financial , or life crisis going on in your life right now; you are probably doing so from some place far better than the newspaper box on a busy city sidewalk.
I’m thinking the universe thought I needed to put somethings in perspective, and be grateful that I didn’t wake up this morning in front of a newspaper box.


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2 Responses to The Newspaper Box

  1. My heart always goes out to homeless people No matter why they’re homeless, it still has to suck.

  2. JDM..... says:

    Reblogged this on marching to the beat of my own crayons and commented:
    Nicely said. Poignancy abounds. I’d say that even if I wasn’t your father….

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